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DC3000 - Digital Readout
WE6800 - Digital Readout
Standard chart
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ES-8A-2X 2 Axis Digital Readout Display Console

ES-8A-2X 2 Axis Digital Readout Display Console

Features The Easson 8A-2X offers a high performance display console with both Milling and Lathe functions Durable front panel membrane with tactile switches and robust die cast housing Large clear LED display Functions include; PCD, Line of holes, Radius/Diameter display The console is supplied with a 10mm diameter pin with M10 nut, to secure to a suitable mounting arm. These are available separately For compatible encoder please check the encoder compatibility guide below This unit will operate from either a 110V or 220V AC supply, this is selectable from a switch on the rear of the unit. Please feel free to contact our technical staff for assistance Specification  Weight(g) 5246.000000 Type Display Console Colour Black Brand Easson MPN DRO-ES-8A-2X GTIN 5055396126471 Function Universal Number of Axis 2 Axis Condition new Display Type Digital read more
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EP Profile Projector
EV Series 3D Manual Vision Measurement Machine
LSP Series CNC Vision Measurement Machine
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JS Series Linear Scale
ES20-Digital Read Out
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SRT-310 Surface Roughness Tester

SRT-310 Surface Roughness Tester

Main Feature SRT-310 Surface Roughness Tester is a high accuracy instrument for measuring surface roughness. It can be used on variety of machining parts and operates on various surfaces, not only flat but also outer cone, outer cylinder, curved, pinholes, grooves, recesses grooves and axle etc. The SRT-310 allows surface roughness measurement both on metal and non-metal work-pieces. It is suitable for machining and manufacturing, quality control, inspection departments, especially for measurement on large and heavy work-piece, assembly line, on site. The SRT-310 is a Non Destructive Testing instrument, damage wont caused to testing piece.      Specification  Measuring range The Z axis (vertical) 320?m (-160?m~160?m) , 12600in (-6300in~+6300in) The X axis move 17.5mm0.69 inch Parameter range Ra Rq:0.005m-32m Rz R3z Ry Rt Rp Rm:0.02m-320m RSk0-100% RS RSm1mm Tp0-100% Resolution the Z axis (vertical) 0.002m/20m, 0.004m/40m 0.008m/80m, 0.02m/160m Parameter Ra Rz Rq Rt Rc Rp Rv R3z R3y Rz(JIS) Ry Rs Rsk Rku Rmax RsmRmr RPc Rk Rpk Rvk Mr1 Mr2 Graphic load curve, Roughness profile, Primary Profile Filter RC,PC-RC,Gauss,D-P The sampling length(lr) 0.25, 0.8, 2.5mm Assessment lengthln Ln= lrn n=1~5       Sensor Measuring principle Inductance Stylus tip Diamond, 90 cone angle, 5mR Force Measuring force<4mN, Skid force<400mN Probe head hard alloy, skid radius of curvature: 40mm Traversing speed lr=0.25, Vt=0.135mm/s lr=0.8, Vt=0. 5mm/s lr=2. 5, Vt=1mm/s Return Vt=1mm/s Precision 0.001mA Tolerance not more than 10% Repeatability not more than 6% Power supply Built-in Lithium ion battery 3200mAh, Charger :DC5V Outline dimension Main unit: 1585552mm drive unit: 2327115mm Weightmain unit Around 380g Zoom of height adapter 40mm working Environment Temperature: - 20 ~ 40 Humidity: < 90% RH standards ISO4287, ANSI B46.1, DIN4768, JIS B601 read more
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HI 98128 Waterproof pHep®5 pH/Temperature Tester

HI 98128 Waterproof pHep®5 pH/Temperature Tester

Hanna's pHep®5 is an advanced, ergonomic, waterproof pH and temperature tester, with  0.01 resolution, that measures from -2.0 to 16.0 pH  pH and accuracy of 0.05 pH. pHep5 features automatic one or two-point calibration to known buffer and automatic temperature compensation. Waterproof Replaceable pH Electrode Automatic up to Three-Point pH Calibration Specifications pH Range -2.00 to 16.00 pH pH Resolution 0.01 pH pH Accuracy 0.05 pH pH Calibration automatic, at one, two, or three points with two sets of standard buffers (pH 4.01 / 7.01 / 10.01 or pH 4.01 / 6.86 / 9.18) pH Temperature Compensation automatic Temperature Range -5.0 to 60.0C / 23.0 to 140.0F Temperature Resolution 0.1C / 0.1F Temperature Accuracy 0.5C /1F pH Electrode HI73127 replaceable pH electrode (included) Automatic Shut-Off after 8 minutes of non-use Battery Type/Life 1.5V (4) / approx. 300 hours of continuous use Environment -5 to 50C (23 to 122F); RH max 100% Dimensions 163 x 40 x 26 mm (6.4 x 1.6 x 1.0) Weight 100 g (3.5 oz.) Ordering Information HI98128 (pHep®5) is supplied with HI73127 pH electrode, HI73128 electrode removal tool, batteries and instructions. read more
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pH-220 Lutron Separate electrode, Auto calibration

pH-220 Lutron Separate electrode, Auto calibration

Features  Separate pH electrode, easy for general purpose usage and remote measurement. Complete set with one separate pH electrode ( PE-11 ) and pH 4, pH 7 standard solution. Can select the display direction ( normal or reverse ).  Water resistance, IP65 protection. Auto calibration for pH 4, pH 7 or pH 10.  Build in reverse display button. Data hold. Auto power off. Compact size, light weight. Available for wide applications, such as aquarium, beverage, fish hatcheries, foodprocessing, photography, laboratory, quality control, school & colleges, swimming pools,water conditions. Specifications  Display  LCD, size : 20 mm x 28 mm * User can reverse the display direction by push button Measurement  0 to 14 pH x 0.01 pH Range Resolution  0.01 pH Accuracy  0.07 pH ( pH 5 to pH 9 ) 0.1 pH ( pH 4 to pH 10 and beyond pH 5 to pH 9) 0.2 pH ( pH 1 to pH 3.9, pH 10.1 to pH 13 ) * 23 5 * After calibration Input Impedance    10^12 ohms. Temperature Compensation  Not necessary to make adjustment. Sampling Time    Approx. 0.8 second.   read more
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pH-221 Lutron ATC, two displays, auto calibration

pH-221 Lutron ATC, two displays, auto calibration

Features  pH : 0 to 14.00 pH, mV : 1999 mV mV function is used to accept the ORP electrode BNC socket input, can accept most kind pH electrode Separate pH electrode, easy for general purpose and remote measurement pH measurement can select automatic temperature compensation ( via. optional Temp. probe ) or manual temperature adjustment High input impedance for the pH function Auto calibration for pH 7, pH 4 and pH 10 or other value   read more
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